Little League Lineup Generator



  • This page is intended to generate free random baseball and softball lineups. You may need to edit the lineups to comply with official league rules.
  • You can edit the tables after they are generated. Edits are not checked for outfield, bench, and pitching rules.
  • Outfield and bench positions are all equal weight and will be selected before other postions to avoid back-to-back bench or outfield assignments.
  • Players with RSVP of 'Maybe' will be put in the lineup with no weighting and bat last.
  • Pitchers will only pitch once per game. The weight determines how long they can pitch.
  • Click or hover on the  ? icons for more info.
  • Nothing on this page is cached or saved to the cloud, so you need to "Export to CSV" to save your roster and options.
  • Only the Lineup Order and Fielding Position tables will print. You may need to adjust your print settings to show background & scale to fit on a single page.
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Saved Roster
Player Roster  ? Position Weight  ?
RSVP Name Pitcher Catcher First Base Shortstop Second Base Third Base


Lineup Order

Batting order with player positions for each inning. ?

Fielding Positions

Fielding positions with player assignments for each inning.
The information above the page break line will be removed when printing.