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    • This page is intended to generate free random baseball and softball lineups. You may need to edit the lineups to comply with official league rules.
    • You can edit the tables after they are generated. Edits are not checked for outfield, bench, and pitching rules.
    • By default, outfield and bench positions are all equal weight and will be selected before other postions to avoid back-to-back bench or outfield assignments.
    • You can chose the order to fill the remaining infield postions from the remaining players.
    • Players with RSVP of 'Maybe' will be put in the lineup with no weighting and bat last.
    • Pitchers will only pitch once per game. The weight determines how long they can pitch.
    • Click or hover on the  ? icons for more info.
    • Nothing on this page is cached or saved to the cloud, so you need to "Export to CSV" to save your roster and options.
    • Only the Lineup Order and Fielding Position tables will print. You may need to adjust your print settings to show background \& scale to fit on a single page.
      You can force the print view by clicking the 🖶 icon below.
    • Saving a lineup will save an html version of the lineup and fielding tables. The saved version will lose edit functions, but it can be imported to this website again to resume edits.
    • Click on the icon in the lineup table to see the players on the field.
    Player Roster  ? Position Weight  ?
    RSVP MVP  ? NamePitcherCatcherFirst BaseSecond BaseThird BaseShortstop
     ?  ?

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    Lineup Order

    Batting order with player positions for each inning. ?

    Fielding Positions

    Fielding positions with player assignments for each inning.
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